BUGSS inspires creative explorations of biology by providing laboratory access and support to our diverse community in an environment that encourages innovation and risk-taking.

A Space for Creative Biology
BUGSS is a non-profit lab for everyone from citizen-scientists to engineers to artists.

A space for creating and innovating
BUGSS provides access to an equipped biotechnology lab and professional project assistance.

A space for learning and exploring
BUGSS offers an array of workshops, hands-on lab, public lectures, and more!

BUGSS is part of the national DIY-Biology movement. While DIY-Bio can be controversial, community labs like BUGSS ensure safety by:

1. Vetting and approving member projects
2. Implementing lab safety guidelines and procedures
3. Adhering to the DIY-Bio Code of Ethics
4. Consulting with trained biosafety officers
5. Engaging with government agencies proactively