Baltimore BioCrew iGEM team

Do you know any students that would be interested in hands-on learning in the lab by building with biology in the summer?

The International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) competition is an annual event open to undergraduate teams, high school students, and community labs like BUGSS from around the world. Explore the iGEM website:

It’s kind of a big deal, with teams working all year to make their own genetic machines from existing and novel parts. Examples include a rainbow of pigmented bacteria, banana and wintergreen smelling bacteria, and an arsenic sensor. Know any wiz kids who love science? This is a great opportunity to let their creativity flow and build a genetic device of their own design.

For the past two years, the BUGSS (Baltimore Underground Science Space) community lab has hosted a team of high school students who participated in iGEM-they are the Baltimore BioCrew! Their project was to engineer bacteria to break down plastic that contaminates the inner harbor. Check out a front page story on the Baltimore Sun here:

This year, the BioCrew mentored middle school students who were associate members and worked on a related project on plastic degradation. The team is looking for more middle school associate members and high school members to join the team! The team will meet throughout the winter and spring on Saturdays to prepare for their summer working in the lab. This is a unique opportunity for students to participate in creative hands-on science!


Interested? Email us at to find out more!