We welcome scientists who want to join our lab as members and use the lab space.

BUGSS is a Biosafety Level 1 lab. Anything not listed on our pre-approved list of substances and organisms will need to be approved by our Biosafety officer before being brought into the lab.

list of pre-approved substances and organisms Contact Ed, Our Biosafety Officer BUGSS Safety Manual Biosafety Presentation


Gel Documentation: Alpha Innotech Gel Imager
It’s an oldy but a goody. Our Alpha Innotech gel imager uses a cooled CCD camera to allow us to capture images of stained DNA, protein and chemiluminescent western blots. The software can be configured to do densitometry and quantification of specific bands and we can use the white light illumination to image cells. Alpha Innotech Manual

Electrophoresis Machines
Electrophoresis units galore. BUGSS was able to scarf up some great electrophoresis gear from a company going out of buisness. We’ve got units for running small pre-formed protein gels and for running larger pour your own polyacrylamide gels as well as doing 2D electrophoresis. If western blotting is your thing we’ve got both tank and semi-dry units. We’ve also got a selection of horizontal electrophoresis units, and even a complete CHEF DRII unit! Alpha Innotech Manual

PCR Machines
Come and see what your grand-pappy did PCR with! Actually we’ve got both the old and new at BUGSS an original Perkin Elmer 480 machine circa 1988, and a BioRad icycler with dual 48 well blocks and a 96 well module. No RT-PCR units yet, but we’re keeping our eyes open. iCycler Thermocycler Manual

Laminar Flow Hood
Our baxter steriguard provides a class 100 area for working with cells and cultures that you really don’t want contaminated

The Tomy vertical autoclave is used to prepare sterile solutions, glassware, and other items as well as sterilize the labs biohazardous waste by heating up to 121 degrees C at 15 psi. The vertical design allows tall items such as large flasks, spinner bottles, and bioreactors to be sterilized. Autoclave Operation Manual

We have several high speed (17,000 x g) microfuges and hope to acquire a larger capacity table top centrifuge in the near future.

Balances, Stirplates, and PH / Conductivity Meter
Mainly used for preparing media and other laboratory solutions. Protocols for Preparing Standard Laboratory Solutions

BUGSS is equipped with standard microbial incubators for growing cells and a gyrorotary shaking water bath for cultivation of bacterial and yeast cells in liquid media.

-70 Long Term Storage Freezer
Used for long term storage of microbial (bacteria and yeast) and some mammalian cells. This is where our Master cells banks are kept with lots of biological parts to play with. Our Plasmid and Strain Database