Community labs and DIY-Bio


BUGSS inspires creative explorations of biology by providing laboratory access and support to our diverse community in an environment that encourages innovation and risk-taking.

A Space for Creative Biology
BUGSS is a non-profit lab for everyone from citizen-scientists to engineers to artists.

A space for creating and innovating
BUGSS provides access to an equipped biotechnology lab and professional project assistance.

A space for learning and exploring
BUGSS offers an array of workshops, hands-on lab, public lectures, and more!


BUGSS is part of the national DIY Bio movement and we partner with other labs around the world to democratize biology. While DIY-Bio can be controversial, community labs like BUGSS ensure safety by:

1. Vetting and approving member projects
2. Implementing lab safety guidelines and procedures
3. Adhering to the DIY-Bio Code of Ethics
4. Consulting with trained biosafety officers
5. Engaging with government agencies proactively

You can see an example of how BUGSS and the DIY Bio movement are being proactive about safety here: Checking Ourselves Before Wrecking Ourselves:Co-Evolving Innovation and Safety in the DIYBio Community