Group Projects

BUGSS has worked on many group projects. Click on the links below to learn how BUGSS is contributing to scientific knowledge.

Scramble and Synthetic Yeast

Synthetic biology offers us unprecedented control over genomes, their structure, and their arrangement. DNA can now be manipulated like never before. But what should we use this new capability to do?

In the 2019 Build-a-Genome course at BUGSS, we began to explore those questions. Using yeast cells with synthetic, man-made chromosomes, we used the designed Scramble system () to rearrange (“Scramble”) those chromosomes to see what interesting properties we could evolve in the lab. We were able to generate yeast that were heat tolerant as well as able to survive in higher levels of caffeine and ethanol.

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Barcoding the Harbor

Barcoding the Harbor is a collaborative, community project between BUGSS, IMET (The Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology) and the National Aquarium.

What are we doing, and why?

Let’s face it: the Inner Harbor has seen better days. No one, including mussels, fish, blue crabs, and people, likes the sights of the “fragrant” waters.

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