Group Projects

BUGSS has worked on many group projects. Click on the links below to learn how BUGSS is contributing to scientific knowledge.


Chromoproteins produce a wide array of colors in nature. And, they enable us to genetically engineer cells and then use them for living artworks! But, can we make even more colors, and learn some basic biology in the process?

Explore the World of Colorful Proteins

Barcoding the Harbor

Let’s face it: the Inner Harbor has seen better days. Barcoding the Harbor is a collaborative, community project between BUGSS, IMET, and the National Aquarium to study and improve the health of our Harbor.

Explore the Inner Harbor

Open Insulin

The Open Insulin Project is creating an open source (freely available) model for insulin production that centers sustainable, small-scale manufacturing and open-source alternatives to production.

Explore the Open Insulin Project