Mini Molecular Biology class- “ProTeam: Playing with Proteins”

**This is a two-day class, however please only sign up for one day**

Description of the class:

Techniques in protein chemistry are utilized in practically every aspect of biomedical research. With the advances in decoding the human genome, there is now much to explore about the functions and roles of the genes encoded. Join us to learn the basics of protein biology as we isolate, quantify, and specifically identify proteins from bacteria. We will also discuss the applications of protein chemistry and how it impacts the biomedical sciences..

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Bio of your instructor:

Steve Lu is an MD/PhD student at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Currently, he is spending his time in the laboratory understanding cancer immunology to develop novel therapeutics for efficient tumor control. Whenever he can get a chance away from the bench, he spends his time cooking and baking fun recipes and running outside. He hopes to help scientists-in-training continue to develop their interests and begin mastering the skills necessary for a career in science.