BUGSS Mini class! “Adventures in BIG DATA Analysis” with Dr. Wright

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Do you want to learn how to use computer science and statistics to tackle BIG DATA and discover how to ask questions and gather information with BIG DATA?

Join us for a brand new mini class cooked up by a local scientist from Johns Hopkins, Dr. Carrie Wright!

Data science represents the convergence of computer science and statistics. It allows us to infer important relationships and trends in many different fields from genomics to finance and is the basis for artificial intelligence. Come learn how to explore and visualize interesting data about earthquakes, the titanic survivors, or US baby names throughout the last century using an open source programming language called R. Students will learn how to write simple scripts in an interactive experience. This course is appropriate for anyone interested in having fun with data, regardless of their computational experience.

Your awesome teacher: Dr. Carrie Wright is a postdoctoral fellow at the Lieber Institute for Brain Development at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where she uses data science and statistical methods to study the genetic basis of psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders.

When: Saturday December 9th from 10-1pm

Where: Baltimore UnderGround Science Space (BUGSS) 101 N. Haven Street, suite 105 (park anywhere in front lot)

Cost: For non-members is $75, 40-60% Discounts for our awesome BUGSS members! Not a BUGSS member yet? Join our community of citizen scientists, thinkers, and tinkerers and get mega awesome benefits (also gain infinite cool points!) inquire with or learn more here:


BUGSS Volunteer Orientation! December 2nd 10am

Volunteer Orientation Day!

Are you looking to volunteer at BUGSS to enhance your lab experience, science communication, teaching skills, or just have a super- cool place to hang out with fun people? Join us December 2nd at 10am for our Volunteer Orientation Day!!

10am-10:30am – Get to know our volunteers and introduce ourselves

10:30am -11am – Lab safety, security, and bio-ethics

11am-11:30am – Tour of the lab and space with Q and A

11:30am -12pm – Review positions and times available – assist with signing up on our website

BUGSS is a lab FOR the COMMUNITY! We need the community to be a strong and present part of BUGSS so we value and appreciate our volunteers! Thank you for your interest and please pass along the word! Let’s make Baltimore a community of science, together!


THIS FRIDAY! FREE seminar/discussion A Plastic World: Are microplastics choking our environment?

THIS FRIDAY at 7pm at BUGSS!  Don’t miss out! Please save your seat HERE!

By 2050, the oceans will contain as much plastic by weight as fish. The big culprits: large plastics like bags and bottles that break down over time as well as plastic microbeads in face washes and toothpaste. These plastics don’t just make our environment look filthy, they can be dangerous as well, with a single plastic microbead attracting and absorbing one million times more toxins and pollutants than the water around it. These “microplastics” work their way up the food chain as well, accumulating in oysters, mussels, and lobsters. Disturbingly, one quarter of all fish sold in California and Indonesia had microplastics in their guts.

What can we do to stop ourselves from being drowned in our own plastic waste? For a start, come to BUGSS to learn about microplastics: the causes, the problem, and potential solutions. We’re hosting a panel discussion with Julie Lawson, Executive Director of Trash Free Maryland, Jason Rolfe and Carlie Herring of the NOAA Marine Debris Program, and Alterra Sanchez of the University of Maryland’s environmental chemistry program. Learn the biological and chemical effects of microplastics and join with us (and our high school iGEM research team) to find a solution!


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