Commence monthly meet-ups for Member Community Projects! o Environmental/Ecology project – Sat. March 4th 10am
(Big picture ideas, and working on a simple build of an indoor composter for food waste)
o Bioreactor/lab equipment build project – Sat. March 11th 10am (Big picture ideas, initiate making bioreactor for online interactive protozoa “game”)
o Mushroom project – Sat. March 18th 10am (Big picture ideas, and start setting up for growing mushrooms at BUGSS and making flower pots out of myceilum)
o Estrogen sensor project – Sat. March 25th 10am (Agenda TBA)
o Bio-printing project – Inquire about times for meetup!
· Teams are asked to submit a proposal  to WIN a BUGSS Community Project Award for money that could be used for supplies necessary to advance the project.
Not a member yet but really want to join a community project, or at least learn more?  (please contact Sarah – These projects will be valuable for our BUGSS community to work as a team to tinker, learn, explore, and accomplish some fantastic projects with biology!
Mini Molecular Biology class- “ProTeam: Playing with Proteins”Only two spots left!!
Techniques in protein chemistry are utilized in practically every aspect of biomedical research. With the advances in decoding the human genome, there is now much to explore about the functions and roles of the genes encoded. Join us to learn the basics of protein biology as we isolate, quantify, and specifically identify proteins from bacteria. We will also discuss the applications of protein chemistry and how it impacts the biomedical sciences.
SEMINARS THIS MONTHFriday March 17th 7pm We’re building a weather station network for Baltimore! We’re building a weather station network for Baltimore and we want your help! Learn what goes into an Arduino-based device, how it can help us better understand our local environment, and help us build a few stations to be hosted at BUGSS and around the city. The parts for this project have been graciously crowdfunded by citizen scientists like you (!
TICKETS HERE  Friday March 24th 7pm
Samson Williams “Innovative Funding- Exploring Crowdfunding as an Option for Academic Research”  TICKETS HERE
THIS SPRING we are super excited that Baltimore Under Ground Science Space (BUGSS) and the Capital Area BioSpace (CABS) are official American Society of Microbiology (ASM) Agar Art 2017 partners! What is Agar Art you ask? It is a perfect marriage of biology and art that everyone and anyone can get into. Come to the BUGSS lab to learn about some special microbes that produce and array of beautiful and striking colors. You will be able to use the tools and instructions provided by BUGSS and CABS to create your very own living work of art on agar plates!
Best of all!? You can enter your bio-art work into a contest! The winner will receive an ASM T-shirt, a certificate, a GiantMicrobe, and his/her piece will be included in the Agar Art Gallery at ASM’s Microbe meeting (in New Orleans, LA, June 1-5, 2017).
Perhaps your work has what it takes to enter the national ASM contest and win over $400 in prizes? (Of course it does!) Get more information for this contest, examples of previous winners, as well as entry for the national contest here:
Sign Up now to save your spot! We have 3 total workshops but we expect these to fill up quickly! Under 18 and want to give this a try? No problem but please have a parent or guardian with you and convince them to join in on the fun. This is for all ages and creativity!
This page is for Workshop 1 – Saturday March 25th 10am – 12pm
Workshop 2 – Saturday March 25th 2pm -4pm LINK HERE:
Workshop 3 – Saturday April 15th 2pm -4pm LINK HERE: Please note! There are 3 separate workshops!TICKETS HERE

Outreach and communication opportunities at your local citizen science space!
Do you have the “BUG” for science outreach and communication? BUGSS is looking for community and member volunteers that are interested in science outreach and communication! Please come to our BUGSS Lab Meet up on April 5th from 7-8pm to learn more! TICKETS HERE!!
Molecular Biology Bootcamp! Learn the basic techniques of the lab! March 30 – April 1st
This is a condensed version of our Molecular Biotechnology Bootcamp course where we will immerse ourselves in hands-on learning of the foundational techniques of a molecular biologist and a great place to start for all of the other BUGSS courses!
Molecular Biotechnology Bootcamp focuses on the knowledge base and laboratory skills necessary to carry out a project in synthetic biology. The course is project based and since we are short on time we will jump right into lab and get to work! While learning hands-on we will discuss the concepts behind each technique, why we use them, and beyond.TICKETS HERE


March iGEM team meeting!
Saturday March 18th!  We are seeking mentors and students that are interested!
Do you know any high school students that would be interested in hands-on learning in the lab by building with biology this summer? Do you want to help mentor students in the lab this summer while overseeing an incredible project? (photo credit: John Dean)
Please inquire with Sarah at  slaun@bugssonline.orgMore info and tickets HERE