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Save your Friday Feb 9th 7-9pm for an intriguing topic from an intriguing scientist! Lean about open-source oceanography and how citizens have the power to get valuable data and protect our marine environments!

Yes-beer, soda, snacks will be on hand to keep that brain running. Also- get a tour of our remarkable community lab space.

Open-source Oceanography:

New tools for community-driven marine science and conservation

with Dr. Andrew Thaler 

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The talk: As the price of scientific-grade equipment climbs and research budgets, particularly those attached to climate change and environmental projects, are slashed, low-cost, open-source tools are becoming increasingly important in both formal and informal research, as well as citizen science programs. These tools can facilitate community-driven responses to environmental concerns and fulfill key equipment needs in a funding limited era. Oceanography for Everyone develops low-cost, open-source oceanographic instruments for researchers, educators, and explorers to facilitate bottom-up, community-directed ocean science.

About our awesome speaker: Andrew Thaler is a deep-sea ecologist and conservation geneticist who works at the intersection of ecology, technology, and policy. He is the editor-in-chief of the marine science and conservation blog Southern Fried Science, and the co-founder of Oceanography for Everyone, which works to develop low-cost, open-source alternatives to essential (and often prohibitively expensive) oceanographic instruments and equipment. He is the Chief Ecologist of OpenROV, an underwater robot manufacturer.

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