Lab Skill Nights at BUGSS!

To help work around busy schedules, two nights a month we will offer a hands-on learning experience of a specific technique. The month of January we will work on protein isolation!

Those interested in Digital Badges please inquire! You have the potential to earn these with each session via Credly.

Protein Isolation: You (may) have isolated DNA before, you (may) have cut it up and put in new genes, amplified billions of copies of it, and even run in through an agarose gel. That is all “old hat”.. Now it is time to isolate a protein! We will go through a short protocol (2 hrs) to isolate DNA Taq Polymerase from bacterial cultures!

This will be an immersive hands-on class so be prepared to attend the full 2 hours and listen carefully. Additional material will be available to help understand concepts and basic biology of this technique and applications.

Spots Limited!


Non-members $30, members $12

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