Learn or practice a lab skill in 2hrs

Thursday August 25th – Restriction Digestion
Thursday Sept 8th – PCR amplification and primer design
Thursday Sept 22nd – PCR amplification and primer design

$15 non-members, $5 members TICKETS:

                                                          SEPTEMBER: pcr-and-primer-design-tickets-27285205785


Free Seminar Night! Friday August 26th

Dr. Alex Storrs “Life, the Universe, and Everything”

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Free Seminar Night! Friday September 2nd

Dr. Ed Davis”Hyperspeed Exploration of the Genomic Landscape Using CRISPR Technology”

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Your Baltimore community science lab is having a “Birthday” party! We need you to come help us celebrate 4 years of bringing incredible and original people of all ages and backgrounds together from engineers, to artists, to lawyers, to teachers, all with one common ground, a passion and interest in biology and all it intersects with!

So please come join us! Chat with members and volunteers about ongoing projects, classes, and curiosities. Help us brainstorm ideas for new activities, classes, projects, and talks! Come support your local science space and eat some cake and taste some homemade beer ice cream
(or root beer for the kids)!